[ANN] Introducing a New Professional Validator, Informal systems.

Greetings from the MediBloc team!
It is our great honor to announce that Informal Systems has newly joined as a professional validator of Panacea.

What is a Professional Validator?

Panacea is a blockchain platform optimized for health data and developed by MediBloc Limited to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem for patients to regain sovereignty over their health data. Panacea’s professional validators are responsible for major decision-making through blockchain governance regarding Panacea’s technology, business, consensus node operations, etc.

Introducing Informal Systems

Informal Systems, which has joined as a professional validator, is a Canadian company founded by Ethan Buchman, co-founder of the Tendermint and Cosmos project and serves as the President of the Interchain Foundation, which specializes in validator operations and overall infrastructure research and development and is a highly experienced team in the Cosmos ecosystem. They develop and operate an open-source relayer called Hermes for the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) ecosystem, as well as the overall development of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Expected Benefits

We will collaborate with Informal Systems, which decided to join our network to support the vision of the MediBloc Limited project, in various ways, including PR, Validator Set, Oracle, and Relayer. In particular, Informal Systems is expected to provide support and collaboration for Oracle, which will be the core element of Panacea’s DEP(Data Exchange Protocol). We also look forward to their practical help with our validator community. In particular, the team will support the onboarding and setup of new validators. Plus, the Informal Systems team will also help other validators whenever there is a network upgrade.

Panacea will operate transparently and healthily through the activation of professional validators. Following the Mainnet upgrade, which has activated validator participation, leading companies representing the healthcare and IT industries have expressed their intention to participate in this venture. In addition, MediBloc Limited is accelerating the composition and expansion of the ecosystem via internal procedures. In this way, MediBloc Limited will continue to make efforts to secure the high scalability of the Panacea ecosystem through various collaborations.

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